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Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Hey lovers As you know, all our leathers are vegetable tanned using natural non-toxic dyes. While I do love brightly over saturated colours, there is something beautiful about natural hues also, and nature gives us all the tools and inspiration we need to go non-toxic and live a sustainable and natural life. So as an ode to going natural this year, I am going to share with you some of my favourite natural easter egg dyes. Dyed easter eggs are a big deal in the Greek Orthodox tradition and we incorporate them in the decor of the table, even braiding them into our traditional Tsouraki (Sweet easter bread). I have shared the recipe for Tsoureki before, you can find it...
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Men & Women / Apples & Pears

On the much discussed topic regarding equal pay for men and women I have a view that may not be favoured amongst many modern women and self proclaimed feminists. In the Western world, I do believe that women are given fair (note the word is not equal) opportunity and fair pay IF they demand it.  Professor Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist from Canada, claims that women are often paid less because they are more agreeable and compassionate. Agreeability and compassion are classed as ‘feminine’ personality traits though they are not strictly applicable to women. Personal Story: Back in 2013 a male friend and I applied for a job at an up and coming new company. He applied for a web developer position;...
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Block Print Instagram Giveaway

Hey lovers So I've recently set a goal to experiment as much as I can this year, and get back to my roots as an artist. I used to paint and draw like a boss, as I went to art school for four years before my university degree in graphic Design. I feel that turning to digital art, I lost a sense of playfulness and perhaps that is what led me to starting my own brand again. I was missing the tangible pleasure of creating something physical. I haven't drawn in a while, and I have to say, it's like riding a bicycle, you may be shaky at first but you need to get back on the saddle and peddle. I...
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Know your worth, then add tax

Equal pay for men and women: Prof. Jordan Peterson says it's not because men are more highly paid, but because women are more agreeable and accept lower pay and lower positions. Personal Story: Back in 2013 a male colleague and I applied for a job at an up and coming new company. He applied for a web developer position, I applied for an in-house graphic designer position. We both asked for a 2k monthly salary, and both had interviews on the same day, and got offered a job on the same day.  My colleague got hired and got his €2k p/m salary. I got hired for a salary of €900 p/m which was going to be for 6 months, then...
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Becoming a conscious consumer

Being a conscious consumer means being mindful and informed about your purchases. This also relies on the transparency of brands and businesses and what their bottom line is. You'll find smaller businesses and independents designers are much more transparent about where their materials come from and who makes their products.  Often I get asked about PU leathers or plastic materials. I understand the dilemma people may face regarding leather products. While the quality of PU leathers have improved immensely, sometimes to the point where you can't tell it apart from real leather, plastic is still unhealthy for your body, and for the environment. The process to manufacture plastic and synthetic products is far more harmful to the environment than leather is....
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Death and taxes

Hey lovers I write this blog post with a heavy heart, as some of you may know, I have lost my father very unexpectedly just before Christmas. Antonios Geralis, or Tony, was 71 years old. His heart stopped suddenly. I had only just moved to London beginning of December and exactly 14 days later I am flying back to bury my dad. This was not part of the plan. He was healthy, an active year-round swimmer, and overall in very good health. His only real health issue - STRESS. I've written and deleted so many paragraphs about what a good man he was, and I think as I am still grieving, it's easy for me to be over emotional right...
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The future is back to business!

Oh girls...I am all about raising awareness about sexual harassment. But this lollipop that everyone is sucking now has gotten out of hand, and suddenly we are ALL crying out that we've also experienced it. Even a look you got from the paper boy suddenly becomes harassement. It's getting out of hand, like any trend that becomes sickly sweet before we throw it away and hope onto the next one. Women have always been harassed by men in power. And so have men been harassed by women in power. It is simply that the proportion of men in power is so much higher than that of women in power. Next time some sleazy director puts his hand on your thigh, or...
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A lifelong commitment is not what you think it is.

A lifelong commitment is not what everyone thinks it is. It's not waking up early every morning to make breakfast and eat together. It's not cuddling in bed together until both of you peacefully fall asleep. It's not a clean home and a homemade meal every day. It's someone who steals all the covers. It's sometimes slammed doors, and a few harsh words, disagreeing, and the silent treatment until your hearts heal. Then...forgiveness! It's coming home to the same person everyday that you know loves and cares about you, in spite of and because of who you are. It's laughing about the one time you accidentally did something stupid. It's about dirty laundry and unmade beds without finger pointing. It's about...
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Swipe right to dating online

Singledom: breaking out of your uncomfortable comfort zone If you are single and can't seem to meet someone who interests you within your primary or secondary social circle, try any of the apps or services available now with an open mind. If you're like me, your social circle consists of five people, you work alone at home and only ever leave the house to get milk!  After the divorce, I had no way of meeting new people, especially men. My city is very small and everyone seems to know everyone (especially my ex), which makes it harder to meet someone. That plus the fact that I'm shy and not very outgoing wasn't doing me any favours.  There is literally an...
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Dear Karen

I do not have children yet, but I know that every woman that has given birth has insecurities about her changed body. Not many women talk *real* about this issue, and I know that taboo issues are much more common than we care to talk about. Which is why, when I saw this heartfelt post from one mother to another about post partum scars, I was moved to the point of sharing is with you. Photo and letter of support is from @fitness.fireball a mum of three who shares her journey through fitness, motherhood, pregancy and womanhood. Dear Karen I know your birth experience did not go as planned. You went for natural labour, but things got complicated so you...
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