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The Work-Life Balance Myth

Hey lovers Balance is such an elusive concept, and I've struggled to find it in my own journey of being an independent designer. The truth is, being self employed literally means you have no office hours. You could find yourself working late nights, weekends or on holiday. Sure, there are things that you'd rather not do, but unless you can afford to outsource or hire staff, you are basically the guy or gal doing literally everything, from answering emails, dealing with production issues, posting the orders, designing the new collection and all that jazz. You can be really diligent and set yourself office hours to work in, but I've never managed to achieve this myself. In a recent interview with Forbes Martha...

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#02 Slow Living with Miss Portmanteau

Miss Portmanteau takes time to share her inspirations, why she quit her corporate day job to pursue a career in writing and blogging and what luxury means to her. Leaving the fast lane to live more authentically in the slow lane while travelling, eating and living the good life.

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#01 Slow Living with My Paradissi

As a part of our new Slow Living series of blog posts, I'll be interviewing women from different backgrounds and different industries who live a 'slow life', according to my own interpretation of the lifestyle. To begin the series I am honoured to be interviewing one of my favourite bloggers from the Crete, Eleni Psyllaki a.k.a. My Paradissi. 

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