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I do not have children yet, but I know that every woman that has given birth has insecurities about her changed body. Not many women talk *real* about this issue, and I know that taboo issues are much more common than we care to talk about. Which is why, when I saw this heartfelt post from one mother to another about post partum scars, I was moved to the point of sharing is with you.

Photo and letter of support is from @fitness.fireball a mum of three who shares her journey through fitness, motherhood, pregancy and womanhood.

Dear Karen

I know your birth experience did not go as planned. You went for natural labour, but things got complicated so you ended up with a c-section. 

Now you look down at your tummy and are afraid that things will never be the same and that's completely normal - it's part of the healing process, but you will make it to the other side stronger. 

Take it easy mama and be kind to yourself. Please know that you are not alone. I'm here with you and going through the exact same thing. 

Hand your baby to your husband, sit down with your favourite chocolate, put on a good cry movie and let your emotion out. It will make you feel better I promise.

Day after day, you might not notice any changes, but one day that very same pink red scar will fade and it will be just a line and part of a beautiful memory. 

Meanwhile just focus on your lovely baby and you will think it's all worth it.

Stay blessed ❤

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So true…been there. Have faith in yourself, talk it over and, above all, take it easy. It will take weeks or even months to get back in shape, months to do the things you used to do before labour. And it’s normal. Focus on your baby, sleep when he/she sleeps, sit by our baby and read out loud your favourite magazine. The baby will just hear your voice. Listen to your favourite music. Accept help. Cry if you need to. But do not miss the moments with your child. Go out and walk with your baby in the stroller. Sit at the park, listen to the birds. Life is beautiful and things will get better! Have faith :)

Christina September 18, 2017

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