I'm dreaming of a beach Christmas


So crack open some bubbly, and let's drink to a new and wonderful year ahead, cheers to the year behind us.

Can you believe we're down to the final weeks of 2016. We've finally entered the Christmas week, and I feel it's a week (and a period) that represents so much. Every December, as the year comes to an end, we look forward to the new beginning of a new year, and spending some quality time with our loved ones during the holidays.

A huge thank you for 2016, and here’s to a merry 2017!


If you are anything like me, and are summer babies, you'll understand that winter are difficult months to get through. I live for the summer, which is why I moved to this Mediterranean island. The good thing about summer is that we have excellent weather 8 months a year, where you can actually still go swimming. So it's only a very short winter period where you dream of summer, instead of actually enjoy it.

But I've found a temporary fix for this: decorate your house with a beach themed Christmas! If you live in the southern hemisphere, this seems to be the obvious thing to do, because the whole snowy trees and North Pole theme really doesn't fit when you're enjoying you summer holidays. Growing up in South Africa, this winter-theme Christmas and snowy Christmas movies really didn't make any sense to me. Why does the Southern Hemisphere NOT have it's own St Nic delivering presents to the summer countries? Why does this overweight reindeer riding North Polean go EVERYWHERE? You see, from a young age I was already creating jobs ;)

Here are some of my favourite beach theme Christmas decor ideas which I've found online. I hope it inspires you, and you also fill your home with things that make you happy and keep you dreaming of warmer months ahead. 

Here's a lovely tutorial for a beach cottage DIY decor using cinnamon and greenery.

Seashell Xmas trees and Wreaths are also a lovely idea, or small sea themed decorations for a traditional Cypress tree.

The best idea (and the true beach bum's guide to Xmas) is always to just wrap some Xmas lights around your surf board. 

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Always grateful for your love and support


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