Know your worth, then add tax

Equal pay for men and women:

Prof. Jordan Peterson says it's not because men are more highly paid, but because women are more agreeable and accept lower pay and lower positions.

Personal Story:

Back in 2013 a male colleague and I applied for a job at an up and coming new company. He applied for a web developer position, I applied for an in-house graphic designer position. We both asked for a 2k monthly salary, and both had interviews on the same day, and got offered a job on the same day. 

My colleague got hired and got his €2k p/m salary.

I got hired for a salary of €900 p/m which was going to be for 6 months, then re-evaluated, 'because it was a startup, but the future with us is bright and the ones that get in early will reap the benefits'. A year passed and it was never re-evaluated, because it was never 'the right time'.

I was the only designer, supplying artwork for 4 web developers at this company. So clearly, my role was unique and crucial to the company.


The day I handed in my notice, my boss asked what I wanted in order to stay. I said to him 'when I came here a year ago I asked for 2k, you can't pay me enough to stay now'.

Thank you Prof. Peterson for finally explaining the reason to me that I was underpaid and undervalued. Not because I am a woman, but because I accepted that kind of treatment from an employer.

All three companies that I worked for in my short stint as an employee and graphic designer STILL showcase my work on their individual websites after so many years and after hiring so many graphic designers to fill my boots.

If only I believed in myself enough to get paid my value, because it proves I have very big boots to fill.

In the Western world, I do believe that women are given equal opportunity and equal pay IF they are willing to make the same sacrifices for their careers, at the expense of they personal life that men in high paying positions have made. Stop blaming your limited beliefs that women get paid less because they are women, and that the same opportunities are not made available to women.

Think about what your highest values are, and act accordingly. Everything you want, is available to you. The gift that men (and successful women) have to switch off emotions and act strategically is one I envy. At the same time though, being agreeable and compassionate is who I am. It has led me to discover that I had a higher calling than that of an in-house graphic designer. I want to be a wife and a mother above all else, and being in a healthy and loving relationship far outweighs my need for fame and fortune in the business world. It's that simple for me.

You get exactly what you ask for (or what you agree to settle for).

Love & Light

Anastasia xx

Handlettering by Chee Sim.

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