La vie est belle with Leanne Ansar

We caught up with the beautiful Leanne Ansar while she was holidaying in Rhodes. I've been following this beauty in Instagram for a while now and have discovered so many lovely lesser known brand through her feed. So I thought it was about time to stop insta-flirting and start a dialogue. 
Name: Leanne Ansar
Job description: International Account Executive
Instagram: @LeanneAnsar 
Leanne Ansar in Rhodes
You grew up with dual nationality, what aspects of each do you treasure and identify with the most? 
I truly treasure both cultures. Growing up in the America, I felt that life was very fast past and that we have to fulfil our lives with this concept of the "American dream". Although this fast past lifestyle can be quit exhausting, it made me very motivated and hungry for success. Growing up in France, I felt that life was very slow past. That we are allowed to enjoy life and not feel guilty about it. The simple things like taking time to eat food and more time to converse with family friends are a gift. 
Leanne Ansar for Alasia Lifestyle
Top tip for Paris? 
Ahhh Paris! One of my absolute favourite things to do in Paris is make a picnic with my family/friends and eat it by 'la Seine". Whenever a big boat passes by (called a beateau Mouche) I love waving and seeing how many people wave back at me. Its truly a moment in life where I feel the happiest. 
Top tip for NYC? 
The big apple. Filled with life and energy. My favourite thing to do in the city is vintage shopping. Whether it is for clothes or furniture. You can find so many treasures for almost nothing !
Leanne Ansar
Your style is effortlessly feminine and natural. What is your beauty regime? 
Merci Beaucoup! My mother is still to this day the most elegant woman I know. I hope that I can be like her more and more each day. I do believe that a lot of people try to cover up their natural beauty; I say free your hair from heating tools and work on taking care of your body/skin! 
Your wardrobe includes an earthy palette. Is this intentional (like a capsule wardrobe) or are you naturally drawn to warmer colours?
I do love earthy tones. As fun as it can be I do not believe I could ever pull of a bright pink or neon green!
Hoedspruit resort South Africa
I've discovered a few slow fashion / sustainable brands through you which I adore. Which are the most notable brands you've discovered in your style journey? 
One brand is DOU.K , the founder is one of my dear friends, Marie. I learned so much about sustainable fabrics and I feel that we need to educate more people on what it takes to make a garment.   Did you know that cotton is actually the 2nd largest source of revenue for ISIS? Marie at DOU.K makes sure to not buy cotton from Turkish/Syrian border as this cotton is stolen by ISIS and sold back into the market.  These steps can make all the difference. 
Product or Story first? How important is the story behind a brand for you versus the product itself (quality / design etc). Do you research before you buy?  
I would have to say story. I love hearing the passion behind a company and it usually what makes the garments so special. 
Hoedspruit resort South Africa
Which is your favourite place you have travelled to and why? 
I absolutely loved South Africa. The nature, people, culture, and the animals... In my blog post , I stayed in a beautiful eco boutique hotel in the middle of a reserve. Mornings filled with safaris and evening full of yummy food. 
Hoedspruit resort South Africa
Hoedspruit resort South Africa
What are the essential items you can't travel without?  
I need a comfy sweater, socks, and Zquil. Planes get so cold and I love sleeping on planes to feel refreshed when I arrive to my destination. 
What are the top five things on your bucket list. 
1. See Andrea Boccelli LIVE in concert, in Italy.
2. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
3. Visit the Mosques in Iran
4. Sailboat the Mediterranean 
5. Hot air balloon ride in Turkey
Leanne Ansar for Alasia Lifestyle
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I would like to be back in France at that time. I miss my family very much and feel guilty for being in New York so much. Time passes by quicker than we think and family is the most important.
Leanne's favourite Alasia Lifestyle sandals:
Alasia Lifestyle artisan leather sandals
Alethea leather slides in natural tan and Echo slides in white. You can tell Leanne's style is all about ease and comfort as she opted for easy slip on sandals for her holiday in Rhodes.

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