Lucky little red seeds

Customs and traditions around the New Year’s Eve and January the 1st symbolize the eternal longing of humankind for joy and good fortune, and Greece has its own unique traditions pledged around these two days, aiming to cast away evil spirits and bring lots of good fortune and blessings into the lives of the people.

An ancient symbol of fertility, regeneration and prosperity, Greek housewives hang the pomegranate on or above their doors throughout the 12 days of Christmas.

Right before midnight comes on New Year’s Eve, all family members get out of the house and the lights are shut down to let go of the old year. Once the clock strikes twelve, someone considered to be lucky and happy must throw the fruit against the door of the house to smash and reveal its red seeds as a sign of welcoming the New Year and breaking loose its positive prospects. The more seeds scattered on the floor, the luckier the year will be. 

Via Greek Reporter

(Image by Greek City Times)

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