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Oh girls...I am all about raising awareness about sexual harassment. But this lollipop that everyone is sucking now has gotten out of hand, and suddenly we are ALL crying out that we've also experienced it. Even a look you got from the paper boy suddenly becomes harassement. It's getting out of hand, like any trend that becomes sickly sweet before we throw it away and hope onto the next one.

Women have always been harassed by men in power. And so have men been harassed by women in power. It is simply that the proportion of men in power is so much higher than that of women in power.

Next time some sleazy director puts his hand on your thigh, or acts inappropriately, give him the death stare and put him in his place.

Don't pretend you haven't batted your eyelashes to get away with something, or get something that you want, where it suited you. These are the pros and cons of being a women. The pros, far outweighs the cons.

Don't act like a victim and you won't be a victim. Lets focus on getting more women into more powerful positions instead. 


Respect is something that should be taught at home TO everyone and FOR everyone. Regardless of gender. The celebrities are using this whistle to revive careers that are long dead and this waters down the severity of real sexual harassment. EVERYONE is speaking out about EVERYTHING and this belittles their work and it also belittles the real victims of sexual harassment.

I agree more about your point about womens needs (particularly sexual) being suppressed. Cunninglingus scnenes are edited out / never filmed whereas violence and rape scenes are deamed to be less offensive in film.

I still stick to my original argument, we need more women in power vs. chastising men for using their power.

It's not because they are MEN , it's because they have power. Power goes to everyone's head. That is why we all want power, to use it as we see fit and satisfy our own needs / goals whatever they may be.

Personal opinion is not always the popular one.

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