Week 4: Spark Joy with less

Hello my darlings

I hope this post finds you all well and feeling inspired after yesterday's Snowmoon (full moon in February). It was a full moon in Virgo, which signifies the end of an 8 year cycle. I am so excited about this period, because now we are entering a beautiful period of newness. New opportunities, new habits, new me!

 Snowmoon, Full moon in virgo

One of the essential mindsets we need to form is letting go of old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve us. That includes physical clutter in your home. Einstein once said, you can't expect different results by doing the same thing. So in week 4 of my 8 week challenge: Find Your Slow, I'm encouraging you this weekend to let go of things, literally. We're going to spend our weekend decluttering our homes, but also mentally choosing to let go of habits that don't serve us.

Everyone has become obsessed with the KonMari method, thanks to Netflix's show with professional organizer, and author of books The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. I wrote about her books a few years ago when I was going through my own (slightly unsuccessful) declutter.

KonMari clothing

I went through a long period in my twenties where I was a shopaholic. Buying things for the sake of buying. While I was a student, there was a stage that I would visit town every single day and buy something small. Even if it was just socks, I wouldn't go home without making a purchase. In my thirties, my spending habits thankfully changed, for the better, as I finally started to find my own style, and was less influenced by trends and fashion.Since the start of 2019, I made a conscious choice to let go of one item of clothing, for every new item I buy. So far, the only things I have purchased are: mom jeans, to replace my thin skinny jeans, a beige knitted sweater (I got rid of so many clothes in return) and my wedding dress, which is in fact a simple white dress by one of my favourite London designers. I'll definitely wear this one more than once!

KonMari Komono

Just before my divorce, I tried to declutter my life but found it difficult to let go of things, because I was still cluttered emotionally. The detox period in my life has taken two years (can you believe it?!). It wasnt until I invested in myself, and started to really go through the self development I needed to go through, that finally material things have lost their meaning and I'm not attached to them. Since my divorce, I did a social detox, removing people and habits from my life that no longer align with my new vibration and life goals. Always releasing them with love and appreciation for the role they played in my life until now. 

It wasn't until I did a wardrobe overhaul that I really saw how far I've come. It was so easy to let go of things this time, and I feel as if I am finally healed, that this declutter is for good. I have given away bags and bags of clothing and books, and feel like I have shed weight. Before, the main reason I couldn't let go was because I saw them as valuable, since I had spent money on these things. But isn't your peace of mind and a serene home more valuable than money?

I listed all my items of clothing for sale on Vinted, which are still new with tags (I'm ashamed to say I have many), gifted many clothes to friends, donated everything else to charity. It's so liberating! To finally only have the clothes that I truly love, and that actually fits well and makes me feel like a woman with a personal style. Why keep clothes around that no longer fit? To make you feel bad about your body? To remind you of a period of your life that's behind you? It's not necessary. It's like keeping a box of cigarettes or a bottle of booze in the house after you have quit the habit. You're better than that. You are stronger than that.

So this weekend's project to Find Your Slow is to declutter your home. The KonMarie method follows an order like this: 

1/ Clothing
2/ Books
3/ Paper
4/ Komono (Miscellaneous)
5/ Sentimental Items


There are some guidelines to help you before you start on the declutter routine, that Marie suggests. These are especially useful if you want to prepare yourself emotionally.

 KonMari method

 The one I find most helpful was visualising how you want to feel when you enter your home, or open a closet. What feeling does your home evoke? What feelings do your things evoke when you look at them, touch them, use them? Focus on that emotion, where focus goes, energy flows. This full moon cycle is the best time to start something new, and hold that intention for the next couple of weeks until you complete the task at hand. Don't quit, and don't procrastinate. The sooner you do it, the sooner you'll reap the benefits of a new and beautiful energy in your home and office space.

Hold up each item, and pay attention to how it makes you feel. If you put on a dress and it makes you feel good, keep it. If something looks old or your style has changed, hold it close, say thank you, and put it in the charity box. It's important to thank each item for the role it played in your life.

Alasia Lifestyle wardrobe

Going forward from here, you'll notice yourself much more conscious of new purchases. Of course, as a slow fashion designer myself, I haven't bought anything in the last two years simply because of price. I've carefully considered every item, the origin, the material, the brand. I know that my purchases impact the fashion industry and the environment. It does mean my purchases have been much more expensive than my shopaholic days, but I also buy far fewer items. Besides, I don't buy trends or fashion items, I buy things that suit my personal style, so I am happy to invest in quality that willladt me many years and support brands who are committed to changing the fashion industry.

Minimal wardrobe

Even in designing my new collection, I chose colours and designed styles that are timeless and easily worn with different clothes. My new declutter habit has trickled into my business too! You may have noticed the change in my brand since I rebranded to Alasia Lifestyle. I don't ever talk about fashion or trends, as that doesn't align with me, my life or my vision for my brand.

Do let me know how you all get on, I would love to hear how easy/hard you found the process, and ultimately, how you feel at the end of it. 

Love & light

Anastasia xx



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