Week 5: The Gratitude Attitude

Hello my darlings 

I hope you are all well wherever you are. I apologise for missing Week 5 of my 8 week Find Your Slow challenge, but here we are again. I've injured my back last week and this meant I was in a lot of pain so my priority was recovering.

So by now, you are meditating daily since week 1(please comment below if you HAVE been doing this and how it's benefited you these last 5 weeks), week 2 you identified your PIG friends and your CIRCLE OF LIGHT friends, week 3 you found ways to make your time your yourself and practice self-care, week 4 we decluttered our space (home) and mind (social media / inbox, ect) Marie Kondo style!

This week I am going back to my journaling practice. As some of you are aware, I am also a Womens Transformation Life Coach, and work with women who are ready to up level their life and start living in alignment with their fullest potential in business and in their personal life. I am passionate about helping women level up with ease and grace and unleash all the limitless abundance available to them.

One of the core methods of my coaching is my MINDSET RESET  method. One of the daily practices I teach women from the very start of our work together is Daily Dream Day Journaling. A practice which has helped me reprogram my own limiting beliefs and free up my energy so I can focus on my vision and manifesting more of the things I love in my life and my business. One particular journaling promt I give to my coaching clients is the Gratitude List. Every morning and evening, the first and last thing you do is top and tail your day with the list of things you are grateful for. 

Studies show that practicing gratitude can lower blood pressure, stress, improve immune function, and facilitate more efficient sleep.

Gratitude Jar
Gratitude jars are a great reminder of the positive things in our life and give you visual reminder of all the abundance in your life. This can be especially fun to do if you have young children, and you make filling the jar a family event. You can spend ever Sunday going through he jar and reading them out loud, encouraging your kids to relive that memory that makes them smile and live the emotion again. 
Once a day, write what you’re thankful for on a small piece of paper and put it in a jar. You can fill the gratitude jar with any sort of positive notes—anything from lifelong friendships you are grateful for or a great meeting with a client or colleague. It's good to go back over these notes whenever you need a pick-me-up and relive those memories and that emotion you experienced.

Gratitude Journaling

I love journaling, especially Dream Day Journaling. It's the one good habit I've implemented into my life that I can say has made the biggest mindset shift change for me. It not only helps me clarify my goals and vision, putting them down on paper takes the anxiety out of your head, it also helps me do an audit of my mental state. By writing down what's going on in my head, I can re-read it and be mindful about the words I've used. Are they positive or negative? Are they filled with love and excitement or fear and anxiety?

Daily gratitude journaling helps you to hold a mirror up to your mental state. My consciously looking for things to be grateful for, you are encouraging your mind to focus on the things that are good in your life, and abundant. It's very normal and easy to slip into a mindset of not having enough, or to view things as stresses in our lives when really they are blessings.

Begin your day with an 'I get to...' mentality instead of an 'I have to...' thought process. I GET to work, I Get to have a busy day, I Get to take my kids to school...whatever it is, rephrase it. We often dress our opportunities as stress when they are in fact blessings.


I've designed a FREE 10 Day Gratitude Journal to get you started. You can download it here. The key here is consistency. Keep it next to your bed and make sure to write in it firth thing in the morning and last thing before you close your eyes to sleep. It's very important to practice consistency if you want to see a real shift and reap the benefits of gratitude journaling.

Gratitude Jounal workbook

Please comment below if you have been participating in my 8 week challenge and which of these weeks so far you have found the most enlightening and the most relevant to your needs.

Love & light




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