Week 6: Celebrate yourself

Hello my darlings! 

Can you believe it's six weeks into our 8 week challenge to 'Find your slow'. When I started this challenge, it was more of a personal journal, a way to document my own slow life makeover. It's a journey I started a couple of years ago, and feel that finally, at the age of 34 have achieved the balance I've been lacking in my life. Mindful living, or slow living, has been a conscious effort to realign myself with my highest self, my lifestyle and career desires.

It takes conscious effort to rewrite your patterns and replace them with new thoughts and habits that serve you. It takes consistency to make it a life transformation, and a real mindset shift. Today is all about CELEBRATING YOURSELF! Be totally honest and proud about how far you've come.

In my life coaching, I work with women who are ready to level up their life and their reality to start living in alignment with their limitless potential. One of the core practices I help them with is breaking their limiting beliefs, and create a life transforming mindset shift. One practice we do early on is to create a vision board that works when it comes to manifesting your desires. We make two boards: the vision board, for all the things they desire to come into their life, and an achievement board, for all the things they have already accomplished in their journey this far.

One of the mindsets that doesn't serve us is being own biggest critics. Our ego gets in the way, and keeps casting a long shadow of doubt and negativity on our potential. It keeps us from taking inspired action in alignment with our true desires. Life gets in the way, and the older you grow, the more knocks you've had, the more responsibilities you take on, the easier it becomes to forget to look at how far you've come. How often do you give yourself credit? When was the last time you celebrated yourself?

Vision board

John Assaraf meditates every morning with two vision boards in front of him. The first board is his achievements, all the things that make him feel pride, accomplished and happy. He channels that positivity of things he's ALREADY achieved. With that high vibe energy, he then shifts his focus on to the things he wants to manifest next. 

It's essential to give yourself credit. Celebrate all the big and little things you've already done. Even your failures can be blessings and lessons with the right mindset.

 Anastasia Gerali of Alasia Lifestyle

I launched my Alasia Lifestyle e-shop exactly 7 years ago. I had gone to a seminar by Mark Anastasis, author of 'The laptop millionaire'. Mark asked the audience which of us are perfectionists. I proudly put my hand up. He then continued to say that perfectionists never achieve anything, to which my hand quickly dropped. He helped me understand, that by waiting for everything to be perfect before taking action only prevents you from ever taking action, because life gets in the way. I had already started selling my products on Etsy, but wasn't ready to launch my own e-shop because of fear. Fear it wasn't perfect, fear that no one would visit it, fear that I didn't do a good job designing it. That very same night, I went home and hit the publish button. It waswalso the exact weekend that thetcentral bankbof Cyprus froze all our bank accounts. It was the 'worst time's in economic history to launch a business, quit a job or even spend a cent. There was a limit of €200 per day to how much money we could spend. Our own money was being held hostage by the banks. Everyone was panicked and scared.

Sure, it wasn't perfect timing, but at least I was trying. I wasn't going to let anyone tell me that by being a perfectionist I wouldn't achieve anything! I took inspired action way beyond my comfort zone. I got my first sale six months later! Six months. I don't know anyone that would have an e-shop for six months without getting a sale who would wait that long. I did though, because I had a vision for what my future looked like. And it wasn't this fearful state that the world around me was projecting. I dreamed of more than this, even if it wasn't perfect.

I even lost the business when my personal life took a toll and I got divorced and was left broke and homeless, sleeping on a couch. I rebuilt it again from the beginning, rebranded and relaunched. I bet many of you didn't know that. I had to make structural changes to my business, my personal life, and find new artisans that could deliver the higher craftsmanship I wanted, in order to improve my product, and my service. I had outgrown my small workshop and they weren't willing to grow and evolve with me. 

Today I'm celebrating ME! Because I'm a kickass woman. I'm a qualified ballet teacher, national karate champion, awesome yoga instructor, published and awarded graphic designer, solopreneur lady boss who has built an empire single handedly with zero outside investment and I'm a friggin' inspiration to so many women out there that you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to. I am proof that you can bounce back from failures bigger and better than before. I am proof that you can learn to heal and love yourself, that no one else can tell you your worth. Only you get to choose how others see you. 

Share your achievements in the comments below. Let's celebrate you. Don't hold back. Tell me exactly what you are proud of and why you are celebrating yourself! I love and support you all to be loud, and be proud.


Love & light



PS. As a little anniversary celebratory move, I'm rewarding your loyalty these last seven years. Some of you have been on this journey with me since 2012 when I started selling my upcycled bags at markets in Nicosia, others found me on Etsy in 2013, and others are newer friends we met along the way. For the next 48hrs only, use code BDAY7 for 30% off your order at checkout. 




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