Why we don't have sales

You can't discount made-to-order

I've received many emails and messages asking me when the sale will start on the Love From Cyprus website. I feel I need to explain why we do not, and will never have sales.

Why do retailers have sales: it's to offload all remaining stock, and the odd sizes that have remained in their warehouse, to make space for their new season products. Big companies offer you 6 seasons now, which is why they have to have mid-season sales and end-of-season sales. This is called 'fast fashion'.

The reason we don't have sales: At Love From Cyprus, all our products are handcrafted, and made-to-order. This means, when you click 'buy' that's when we begin to make your order. We do not keep any stock, as leather ages with time. Essentially, your sandals and bags are custom made when you've decided to make the purchase. An essential part of our business is to support local craftsmen, and our sandals and bags are made in two local, family-run workshops which we work very closely with to ensure all our products are made to the highest standard. 

Another reason we do not have 'old stock' to get rid of. We design with the modern woman in mind. We are not so focused on fashion and trends, as our belief is that style never goes out of fashion. We design for the woman who knows her style, and is looking for some staple pieces to wear for years to come. We are not a fashion brand, we are an independent maker brand, offering you the most competitive prices, for what is essentially considered a luxury to have custom made products.

On the bright side: We do have a yearly SAMPLE SALE. This happens from July - August, where will host a big studio clearance sale, on all our samples. Samples are the pieces which we made, and may not have put into production, our first sample made, before making alterations for production, pieces we made for use in photo shoots and so may show light signs of use, or discontinued styles and colours. We do not necessarily have all the sizes, and if you find something in your size, get it! It's normally one of each piece.

About our leathers

All our leathers are sourced from Crete and Italy. We only use vegetable tanned leather, free of toxins and chemicals. Not only is chemical tanned leather bad for the environment, it's also bad for you. When we sweat, our open pores absorb all the chemicals from the materials touching our skin. This is why wearing is healthier than plastic.

Our Craft

We believe things should be made to last. Trends come and go, but style is timeless. All our products are designed with modern femininity and island lifestyle in mind. Simplicity, quality raw materials and great craftsmanship are the keys to creating products you will love, and will love you back for years to come.

Our People

A significant part of our philosophy is supporting small family businesses and experienced local producers. Hence, all our products are Made In Cyprus, where we work directly with our local makers to ensure top quality while supporting the local ecosystem.

This is Mrs P. She is in her 70s and has been working in shoe making since her apprenticeship when she was 14. Although retired, Mrs P still chooses to work part time and is one of the craftsmen who has been lovingly making your sandals.


We are not a retailer, we are an independent brand that custom makes all our products. Understanding the difference makes you a conscious consumer.

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