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Evil Eye amphora necklace

€15 EUR

Inspired by a vintage jewellery piece worn by my friend Ceylan, who's mother bought it on holiday in Cyprus circa late 70's. The amphora amulet is a ceramic evil eye charm to be worn for luck and protection, handcrafted by our ceramist Ashot, so every piece is completely unique and no two are alike.

Available with a choice of 50cm silver 925 chains, or on its own (sent with an adjustable string necklace if purchased without a chain). Perfect for layering with other jewellery pieces, or on its own, for classic Greek effortless charm.

History: Amphora (plural: amphorae)

An ancient large terracotta jar used for transportation of liquids such as wine, olive oil and occasionally dried nuts and fruits. Amphorae have a distinctive practical shape that allowed them to be stacked in multiple rows. These were mass produced, often close to the source of the contents they carried. They remained in use until the end of antiquity, but the severe decline in trade through the Mediterranean in the 7thC put and end to mass production of both contents and containers.

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