It’s time.
‘It’s time to rethink what we consume and how we produce.’
That’s why in 2020 we will introduce a couple of new things, from the ground up,
what you as our customers deserve and what our planet deserves.
Nowadays, less than 1% of the materials used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing. Let’s do this differently. In January we are introducing a new pilot program which allows you to lease your sandals:

Lease sandals.
We are going to introduce a new lease system. Allowing you to lease a pair of sandals for a monthly fee, paying from only 15€ per month. When the sandals are worn out, or if you feel like a change after 12 months, you can send in your sandals and switch to a new pair. We then recycle the old pairs into new items. 

By leasing the sandals and recycling or upcycling the materials, we move to a circular economy in the fashion industry. 

Our pilot program is limited to a small customer group.

What's the difference between leasing and buying? 
We offer you two ways to get your hands on a pair of Alasia sandals. You can either buy them or lease them. Here is the difference:

Buy a pair: you purchase your sandals directly.

Leasing: You will pay a monthly fee, starting from 15€-18€ (depending on the model) for 12 months and a one-off 20€ subscription fee. After the 12 monthly payments, you will stop paying! At this point, you have 3 options: keep them longer, switch them or return them for recycling. We will get in touch with you to see which option you want to go for.

1. You can select one of our design under our limited collection here:
 Delivery takes about 10-14 days


2. You can preorder as well
Our preorder models take about 60 days to be produced.

Note: Only during the pilot, in order to reserve the selected pairs, please email us back under or use the messager chat on the right hand site, so we can make the arrangements for you and send you a separate link in our shop for the pair.


How does it work?

It’s simple!

Before you start to lease, you pay a €20 membership fee. This membership will allow you to lease a maximum of 3 pairs of same. In case you would want to lease a 4th pair, you would have to upgrade your membership. 

You can now begin to lease!

Please note, during the pilot phase we only lease 1 pair at the same time. 

Once you have picked your favourite pair of sandals, you can lease them for €15/month. The lease period will last for 12 months. After these 12 months, we will reach out to you and ask you what you would like to do with the leased sandals.
You will have three options:

Keep them. They are now officially yours!

Switch them. You can switch the pair with any of the other pairs shown on our website. Simply return them and we will send you the other one! You will continue to pay €15 per month.

Have a look at our Shipping & Returns page to determine how much your shipping costs are!

What is the benefit of the lease program
The benefit is that you only pay a small amount of money per month. And it’s fun. After 12 months you can switch to a new pair of sandals. We will take care of your old ones, all their materials are reused. Furthermore, you will be part of a new economy, doing business in a different way, helping to get the circular economy going.

Moreover, you you ad later more sandals if you like. With the initial one-off subscription fee you can ad up to 3 models. 

How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depend on in which country you want to have your order delivered. We have 5 categories.

Category 1
Shipping to Germany: €4.99

Category 2
Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark,
Liechtenstein, Monaco, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Poland,  Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slowakia and Czech: 9.99€

Category 3
Shipping to Switzerland: €15.99

Category 4
Shipping to Norway and Turkey: €19.99

Category 5
Shipping to the rest of the world: €24.99*
Please get in touch as remote islands
might have a different pricing.