Mother's Day

(Offer only available till Wednesday 22.04.2020 and as long as stock lasts.)

Mom's big day is coming up. Whether you're shopping for your mom, a friend, your neighbor or even yourself, send a gift that'll knock it out of the park. That's why we are giving away 1 pair of sandals as a gift for your mom for every purchase (buy 1 get 1 free).

You can pick two designs. While at checkout ad the code 
'lovemom' and you get 1 pair for free.

The designs from our current stock will be delivered in time for mothers day.

The designs from our preorder stock will be delivered later on.

These are the options you could do:

1. You can choose two designs from the current stock - both delivered in time for mothers day.

2. You can buy one design from the current stock and one from the preorder stock. 

3. Surely, you can decide for two designs at the preorder stack - you would just give your mom the gift later. 

Happy Gifting