The Art of Slow: Rituals


The Art of Slow: Rituals

welcomes readers into the world of 30 individuals including female entrepreneurs,

interior designers, artist, influencer, professionals and brands who reflect the key principles of slow living,
slow fashion and other parts of the slow movement.

The Art of Slow: Rituals Magazine  is a detailed exploration of the life of individuals around the world.

Through a mix of interviews, portraits, and interior and lifestyle photography, profiles and essays,

The Art of Slow captures the ambitions and realities of this individuals and offers tips,

advice, and inspiration for anyone looking to forge their own path in their slow living approach.

Why we like print

Hardcopies do more than just lie there and look chic: nowadays they represent a personal style, tastes and aspirations more than
anything else. The coffee table book demographic may be a diverse one, but one things holds true for all modern consumers;
their purchase defines and reflects their personality.
Adding a touch of class to any interior - a beloved means for giving any interior a chic finishing touch.
The power of print - people still prefer inspiring collectables. Physical books deliver what digital media cannot:
lasting objects of Beauty to collect, behold and ponder over. Nothing marks our acquired tastes more strikingly than
the presence of real-life book in our favourite rooms.