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Alasia Lifestyle: The Art of Slow Living - Pre Order

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Alasia Lifestyle: the Art of Slow Living welcomes readers into the world of 40 individuals including female entrepreneurs, artist, influencer, professionals  who reflect the key principles of slow living. 

With more than 200 pages, Alasia Lifestyle: The Art of Slow living is a detailed exploration of the life of individuals around the world. 

Through a mix of interviews, portraits, and interior and lifestyle photography, profiles and essays, Alasia Life: the Art of Slow Living captures the ambitions and realities of this individuals and offers tips, advice, and inspiration for anyone looking to forge their own path in their slow living approach. 

Alasia Lifestyle: The Art of Slow living is available for pre-order now.
A limited amount will be printed, please order in time. 

The tablebook makes the perfect gift for Christmas. 
Copies will arrive internationally from December 1st.

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