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Forever Silk Scrunchies

€25 EUR

From our friend, Hong Kong based independent designer Maggie Wu.

The Forever Silk Scrunchie will look equally pretty wrapped around a ponytail or on your wrist. Handmade from 100% silk charmeuse and finished with a charming bow, this scrunchie won’t crease or damage your locks. Get one of each color for yourself and your best friend in our BFF Set.

  • Made of 100% 19 Momme Silk Charmeuse.
  • Adorned with a gold plated MW logo plaque.
  • Fits around the wrist and two times around the hair.
  • Ships worldwide from Hong Kong.

Style tips

  • When it's not around your wrist it'll be in your hair for the perfect feminine touch.
  • Pair two colours together on your wrist for extra playfulness.
  • Only wear the scrunchie on dry hair.

BFF Box set

Two for you, two for me. This set was created for you to share, though we totally get it if you don’t. In this fun set, you will get 4 Forever Silk Scrunchies: 2 in Red and 2 in Champagne. 

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