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Alasia Life VIP Club

€29.95 EUR

Welcome to the Alasia Lifestyle VIP program.

Within our design ethos and our philosophy to produce in small batches we're changing the way you shop by offering you a personalized shopping experience at an affordable price. 

For a limited time and on invitation only we invite you to join our VIP program. 
For a one time €29,95 you will have access to all VIP perks for the next 4 months.

VIP Perks 

Exceptional Value
50% on your first order of the current stock. 
30% off on preorders and future orders. All-day, every day.

VIP Member-only access

Monthly personalized stylist.
Based on the sandal models selected, each month you receive style
recommendation just for you by a personal stylist. 

Additional Sandal Designs
Get VIP access to additional models and color designs plus and
get early access to new launches. 

Enjoy VIP-only private events and promotions.




Do I have to purchase each month?

This is not a monthly subscription program. You do not have to cancel or skip any program. You will only be charged once 29,95€ for four months and unless you request to join for the next quarter you will not be charged. 

Can I shop without joining?
Yes, you can! Just shop as a regular.


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